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Хогьёку(Flag of Japan 崩玉 [хо:гёку], Flag of Japan «шар разрушения»)
Flag of Japan 崩玉 [хо:гёку]
Flag of Japan «шар разрушения»
— небольшой сине-фиолетовый шар, состоящий из уникальной субстанции, который может стирать границу между синигами и пустыми, позволяя одним получать силы других. Но истинная сила хогьёку — проникать в сердца окружающих и исполнять их глубочайшие желания.

Известно о существовании двух хогьёку: первое изобрёл Сосуке Айзен, а второе — Кисуке Урахара. В конце концов, Айзен их объединяет в третье, более совершенное хогьёку.

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Aizen's Hogyoku

Хогьёку Айзена

Sometime, before Urahara even conceived the concept of the Hōgyoku, Sōsuke Aizen had already come to the same conclusion, having created one of his own. Realizing that it was still incomplete, Aizen presented to it the souls of hundreds upon hundreds of Shinigami and Rukongai citizens, to no avail. In time, Aizen analyzed the research data concerning Urahara’s own Hōgyoku, learning that it too, was incomplete. With this in mind, Aizen sought to steal Urahara’s Hōgyoku, and to present it to his own.[1] Roughly 101 years before the current time, Sōsuke Aizen put an experiment into motion that would put the true capabilities of the Hōgyoku to the test. With the help of his subordinates, he forcibly caused Shinji Hirako and a number of other Shinigami captains and lieutenants to undergo Hollowfication. In an attempt to reverse the damage Aizen had caused, Kisuke Urahara attempted to use the Hōgyoku on them. However, while it succeeded in stabilizing their souls, it failed to undo the Hollowfication. Framed for the incident by Aizen, Kisuke fled to the world of the living with the group of Shinigami, bringing his Hōgyoku along with him.[2] Eventually, the group of Shinigami gained control over their newfound Hollow powers and became known as the Visored, rogues rumored to have gained Hollow powers through illegal means.[3]

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Sometime after his exile, Urahara sought a means to destroy the Hōgyoku, but to no avail. Out of desperation, he deactivated it and placed it deep within the soul of a Shinigami, Rukia Kuchiki, without her knowledge. By giving her a special Gigai, which would eventually turn her soul into that of an ordinary Human permanently, he hoped it would hide the Hōgyoku forever.[4] His plan failed however, when Sōsuke Aizen betrayed Soul Society to retrieve it – unbeknownst to Urahara, Aizen was the one who had deployed Rukia to the Human World in the first place. Aizen had delved further into Urahara's research, discovering two ways to extract an object from a soul: the first was to evaporate the soul with an immense amount of heat, which could be accomplished with an instrument such as the Sōkyoku.[5] Because the Sōkyoku was only used for the execution of Shinigami that broke the law severely, Aizen murdered the Central 46, and impersonated them with the special ability of his Zanpakutō, Kyōka Suigetsu. He was thus able to orchestrate the events leading to Rukia’s execution. However, this plan was foiled when the Sōkyoku was destroyed by Jūshirō Ukitake and Shunsui Kyōraku, so Aizen resorted to the second method.[6] Using a device invented by Urahara himself, Aizen extracted the Hōgyoku from Rukia's soul and retreated into Hueco Mundo, where he used it to bolster the power of his Arrancar army.[7]

Later on, Aizen has his Arrancar capture Orihime Inoue because of her special ability, the Shun Shun Rikka. He reveals to her that every time the Hōgyoku is used, its power deteriorates somewhat, and so he brought her to Hueco Mundo to repair it. As a sign of trust, he shows her the Hōgyoku itself, which inspires her to seek to negate its existence with her powers, rather than heal it.[8] Aizen's reasoning for capturing her is later proved to be a ruse, as he brought Orihime to Hueco Mundo in the hopes of luring away some of the Gotei 13 captains so he may invade Karakura Town with less resistance.[9]

Hogyoku embedded with Aizen

Хогьёку имплантировано в Айзена

At some point of time after the creation of Wonderweiss Margela, Aizen went on to combine Urahara's Hōgyoku with his own, and embedded the product into his own body.[10] During the Gotei 13’s battle against his Arrancar army at the fake Karakura Town, he reveals this to Ichigo Kurosaki. Not long after, Aizen engages Isshin Kurosaki in combat, who pushes him to the limit of his Shinigami self. Detecting this, the Hōgyoku fully awakens, causing his body to start to undergo a transformation.[11] Aizen is soon betrayed by Gin Ichimaru, who after dealing a crippling blow to him, snatches the Hōgyoku and attempts to escape. However, Aizen transforms yet again, declaring that whether it is with him or not, the Hōgyoku is already his, as the Hōgyoku melts away, and returns to Aizen's chest, where it reforms itself.[12]

Just moments later, a newly empowered Ichigo arrives and begins to fight the transformed Aizen. After being dealt a powerful blow by Ichigo, Aizen yells out in frustration, prompting the Hōgyoku to force yet another transformation upon him. Aizen, in a monstrous form, remarks that the Hōgyoku had no intention of allowing him to lose to a "mere Human."[13] Regardless, Ichigo transforms into the Final Getsuga Tenshō and attacks Aizen with Mugetsu. Aizen survives the blast, regenerating from a large wound dealt to him, but remains heavily damaged. No longer recognizing the weakened Aizen as its master, the Hōgyoku causes his Zanpakutō to disintegrate, though he mistakes it for thinking that he no longer needs one.[14] Following Kisuke Urahara's arrival moments later, the Hōgyoku proceeds to reverse Aizen's transformations, returning him to his original state.[15]

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Когда Айзен достал хогьёку Урахары, он снял с него печать, но шару нужно было время, чтобы проснуться. Тем не менее, Айзен нашёл способ обойти это. Если приложить к нему духовную силу хотя бы в два раза больше капитанской, хогьёку проснётся, но на очень короткий промежуток времени. У Айзена, разумеется, достаточно сил для этого, и он использует хогьёку для создания армии арранкаров.[16]

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Overbearing Power: When Tessai Tsukabishi first witnessed the Hōgyoku, he remarked that it possessed an overbearing power unlike anything else in Soul Society, a power completely unrelated to Reiatsu. He goes on to say that its very presence felt as though it were trying to stifle his very existence with its power.[17]

Исполнение желаний: Though initially thought to solely possess the power to control the boundary of the two contravening existences, that of Shinigami and Hollows, this was proven incorrect. Rather, the Hōgyoku's true power is the ability to capture and materialize the hearts of everything that exists around it. However, this power is not without limitations. Not only must the target’s heart be in the vicinity of the Hōgyoku, it has to possess a very high-level of spiritual power, otherwise the desire will not be fulfilled.[18] Aizen claims that all the events that happened around Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki and Kisuke Urahara were events materialized by the Hōgyoku itself, which possesses a will of its own.[19]


Айзен готовится сделать из Вандервайса Марджелы арранкара

  • Пустификация/Арранкарофикация: While not truly an ability of the Hōgyoku itself, the orb took on this property because it is what Kisuke Urahara desired when he invented it. Through this power, the Hōgyoku could be used to bypass the barrier that separates Shinigami and Hollows. As such, it can cause Shinigami to undergo Hollowfication, and Hollows to undergo Arrancarification. These processes lead to the creation of a Hollow-Shinigami hybrid and an Arrancar, respectively.
  • Слияние: As demonstrated by Aizen, the Hōgyoku can be embedded into one’s body, almost fusing with it completely. In this state, the Hōgyoku instinctively protects its master by healing its master’s injuries almost instantly, in a manner similar to a Hollow’s high-speed regeneration.[20] As the Hōgyoku’s will further understands its master’s heart, the fusion between them progresses, restructuring his soul and triggering a transformation.[21]

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Своей способностью направлять окружающих к исполнению их желаний (даже если они и не подозревают о них), хогьёку подействовало на нескольких человек. В некоторох случаях его сила использовалась намеренно.

  • Кисуке Урахара: Когда Урахара изобрёл хогьёку, он мечтал о том, чтобы стабилизировать границу между пустыми и синигами, и шар исполнил его. Поэтому он решил, что это и есть способность хогьёку.[22]
  • Вайзарды: Когда Шинджи Хирако и ещё семь капитанов и лейтенантов стали превращаться в пустых из-за Айзена, Урахара пытался обратить этот процесс с помощью хогьёку. Но, вместо того, чтобы остановить пустификацию, оно стабилизировало их души, что позволило им стать вайзардами.[22]
  • Арранкары: Хотя пустые могут стать арранкарами и естественным путём, изменение их силы незначительно. Арранкары, созданные при помощь хогьёку, раскрывают гораздо большую часть своей потенциальной силы.[24] Вандервайс Марджела — один из тех, кого усилили таким образом.[25]
  • Сосуке Айзен: Усилив свою армию с помощью хогьёку, Айзен имплантировал его в себя и получил от этого способность регенерировать. Когда его душа достигла предела как синигами, шар провёл его через несколько трансформаций, и Айзен превзошёл синигами и пустых.
  • Канаме Тоусен: В награду за верную службу Айзен дал Тоусену силы пустых. Он получил маску пустого и даже ресуррексион, Грильяр Грильо.

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