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Ugaki and the cards he uses to control Gesell

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Gesell, Ugaki's Doll

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Gesell's Shadow Constructs

Угаки (Flag of Japan.svg 宇柿 [Угаки])
Flag of Japan.svg 宇柿 [Угаки]
связанный, работающий на Джина Карию.

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Угаки выглядит как типичный «белый воротничок». Носит белую рубашку с красным галстуком и большие очки. Его волосы аккуратно зачесаны набок.

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Ugaki prefers to stay out of direct battle, as evident when he stayed hidden behind a wall after releasing his Doll, Gesell. He was responsible for helping Kariya create the Bitto after Yoshino Sōma's death, and seems to be fiercely loyal to the Bount leader. Also, Ugaki seems to take great pride in the results of his research and boasts about it. He also seems to be somewhat of a peacemaker as shown when he attempted to quell an argument between Mabashi and Yoshi, though the former cut him off. His camaraderie with the Bounts is shown to have a much deeper meaning, as he explains that the Bounts are hated by Humans.[1]

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Хороший тактик: Угаки почти смог уничтожить трех лейтенантов синигами. Он пытается раздавить Рангику с помощью одной из своих ловушек. Увернувшись, она попадает в его силки, которые связывают её и подвешивают под потолком. Она разрубает верёвки и падает точно в ловушку с копьями. Также, когда Изуру и Хисаги пытаются убежать от его куклы, Угаки обрушивает потолок, чтобы преградить синигами путь.[2]

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Ugaki and the cards he uses to control Gesell.


Gesell, Ugaki's Doll.

Gesell (Flag of Japan.svg ゲゼル [Gezeru], German for "pupil" or "companion")
Flag of Japan.svg ゲゼル [Gezeru]
German for "pupil" or "companion"
is Ugaki's Doll, which he summons with the command Zeige dich, Gesell. It is sealed within a pack of cards resembling tarot cards, which Ugaki uses to control the Doll's actions. In its normal state, Gesell takes the form of many small, mouth-like eye creatures.[2] Gesell is voiced by Kōzō Shioya in the Japanese version and in the English dub by Neil Kaplan.

Gesell's actions are controlled through Ugaki's placement of the cards on a small mat marked with German incantations. The mat bears a resemblance to the Sephiroth, Tree of Life, as the words on the mat, written by the lines on it, correspond to tarot cards and the «paths to God» found between the Sephiroths. The words written by the lines are also the names of tarot cards in the Major Arcana. The primary card is «Wachter» (Wächter is German for 'Guardian') which allows Gesell's eyes to flash a strong light onto objects and create shadows. After «Wachter» is initialized, other cards are chosen which summon Gesell's limbs or morph them into weapons. The card «Dämon Kraft» (Demon Power) summons a giant purple hand that can capture and injure opponents, one card summons spears to impale, and another summons ropes to immobilize.

  • Remote Viewing/Hearing: Ugaki can see what the eyes see through his glasses, allowing him to control them from a safe distance. He can also speak and hear through the eye creatures.[3]
Ugaki's sensory eyes.png

Gesell's Shadow Constructs.

Shadow Constructs: Though they are used to spy on people and act as a lookout, the true purpose of the eyes is to project light, which in turn creates shadows. From the shadows, Gesell can manifest any weapon, object or single body part to affect the physical world by attacking or ensnaring. The shadow constructs created can also create blade weapons. These shadow constructs only last as long as the eye creatures are projecting light. Gesell can manifest weapons through cards (commands given to the eyes).[3]
  • True Form: By grouping a multitude of eye creatures together to shine their light Gesell manifests its true form from the shadows, that of the upper body, of a large eyeless monster. It can also manifest various melee weapons from its limbs. Gesell possesses a great deal of strength in this form. Gesell can dissipate and reappear any of its body parts from any shadow.[4]

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