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Марш Звёздного креста — пятьдесят шестой том манги Блич.

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Килге Опи
Nel 浦原 喜助
Кисуке Урахара
C487p15 Kirge Opie Mugshot ネル・トゥ
Нелл Ту
Urahara Profile op1

E351 Sado 1 井上 織姫
Орихиме Иноуэ
Episode 346 Ichigo
茶渡 泰虎
Ясутора Садо
Episode 347 Orihime 黒崎 一護
Ичиго Куросаки

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490. Марш Звёздного креста 2 Править

While the Stern Ritter gather for their attack on Soul Society, Quilge Opie goes all out to swiftly defeat Ichigo Kurosaki.



A Vandenreich member announces Juhabach's order to the Stern Ritter. One of the 5 "special war potentials" Ichigo Kurosaki, is currently fighting in Hueco Mundo. All Stern Ritter are ordered to gather at the Gate of the Sun and be ready to invade Soul Society immediately.

In Hueco Mundo, Ichigo's battle with Quilge continues. All of Quilge's attacks hit Ichigo. Ichigo's Zanpakutō goes flying and he is shown to have caught one of Quilge's attacks. He says that it's weird, noting that Ishida said that Quincy only fire bows and launches Quilge's own attack at him. Ichigo's friends catch up and he throws Nel at Orihime, telling her to take care of Nel. Ichigo then picks up Zangetsu and fires a Getsuga Tenshō at Quilge. He walks out of the dust, shown to have had his hat knocked off. He says that Ichigo was able to dodge, repel and throw back his Heilig Pfeil. Ichigo asks if all their techniques have such a complicated name and has says that Quilge should not be worried, as his attacks have more power than Ishida's. Quilge says that's impossible, but then notes that he has already spoken too much and he says that he'll have a lot to report to the Vandenreich as he draws his weapon. He says that he was ordered to eliminate him right away. He then show him his Letzt Stil form and states that the true name of of this technique is "Quincy: Vollständig".

Meanwhile, Urahara and Pesche have managed to rescue Dondochakka. Trying to get away as fast as they can, Pesche kicks Dondochakka, saying that it's his fault since he's heavy and big. While they bicker, Urahara notices something.

In Soul Society, the Vandenreich have arrived and one of the member takes a footstep from above, while the Shinigami below begin to flee.

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491. Toden Engel Править

Quilge continues to battle Ichigo, showing him the difference between his and Uryū's final Quincy form. As he prepares to use his main move, Quilge is approached by an unexpected "guest".


Cover of 491. TODEN ENGEL.[2]

Orihime states that she doesn't sense any reiatsu after Quilge released his final form.

Quilge appears behind Ichigo and asks if he can feel the power that is about to punish him. Ichigo states that he learned about the Quincy: Letzt Stil from Urahara, who previously told Ichigo that Uryū lost his powers from doing so, as he concentrates the spirit particles with the Sanrei Glove. After removing the glove, the Quincy will receive their greatest power. Quilge and Ichigo clash, with Quilge saying that the Letzt Stil Ichigo heard of is too weak. He says the it was a relic of the past and the only one still attached to it was Sōken Ishida. Ichigo replies saying he doesn't care about Quilge's past and that Quilge's Letzt Stil is different than Uryū's. Ichigo says that he is relieved, because if Uryū turned into something that disgusting, then Ichigo might end up killing Ishida by mistake.

He then fires a Getsuga Tenshō at Quilge. Quilge is unaffected and tells Ichigo to aim before attacking, but it would be useless since he has no weak points. Quilge then states that his form should look eerie to Shinigami as he starts to absorb reishi, peeling Orihime's Santen Kesshun. Orihime says that this is why she couldn't feel a shock wave of reishi. Quilge exclaims to Ichigo to be prepared to receive his Biskiel's power. However, he is interrupted by Ayon. Mila Rose, Apacci and Sung-Sun appear, asking Quilge if he thought they couldn't fight any more, with Apacci telling Ayon to show his power.

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492. Справедливость регуляторов Править

Ayon battles Quilge, while Ryūnosuke Yuki and Shino learn about the difference between Shinigami and Quincy.



Ayon turns his head to face Apacci, Sung-Sun and Mila Rose, who tell Ayon not to care about them and for him to go. Ayon lets out a huge roar, creating a large shockwave. As Ayon goes to attack Quilge, Apacci tells Ichigo and his friends that they are not their enemy, but if they want to live, they should run. Quilge prepares himself, saying that such a monster cannot possibly defeat him. However, in the middle of talking, Ayon sends a huge punch that badly injures Quilge.

In Soul Society, Shino and Ryūnosuke are running to their station. Ryūnosuke asks Shino why the Shinigami have to fight the Quincy. Shino angrily responds that it’s because they declared war on them. Ryūnosuke says that he means why they fight each other if they have that same purpose, which was to fight Hollows. The sixth seat of the Thirteenth Division, Hidetomo Kajōmaru, approaches. Shino quickly apologizes for being late. Having heard their conversation, Kajōmaru explains that the difference between the two is that the way they kill Hollows. Unlike Shinigami, Quincy completely destroy Hollows when they kill them. He continues to explain that Shinigami were once called Balancers, as it indicated their job, as they maintain the number of souls that reside in Soul Society and the Human World. Since Quincy destroy Hollows completely, the balance between the two worlds was tipped. Souls would only go the Human world and Soul Society would have flowed into the Human World. After rejecting Soul Society’s many attempts for negotiations, the Shinigami had to take drastic measures. 200 years ago, the decision was made to exterminate the Quincy. Now, the Quincy hold a grudge.

In Hueco Mundo, Ayon continues to mercilessly beat Quilge and throws him to the ground. Apacci comes over, saying that Quilge seems quite sturdy considering he took so many beatings from Ayon. Suddenly, she is stabbed by Quilge through the chest and falls to the ground. Quilge rises, saying that he was not warned about such power and that he must advise his master to adjust the strength of their Blut. Quilge stands, saying he’ll have everyone die quickly.

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493. Свет счастья Править

Quilge unveils a new ability as the Vandenreich begins its invasion of Soul Society.



As Ayon lunges at Quilge, the latter absorbs the reishi his body is made of, tearing the beast to shreds and becoming part of Quilge. Mila Rose picks up Apacci and the trio flee to Orihime and Sado's location, where Sung-Sun uses her Muda ability to conceal them. Mila Rose insists that they did not save them, but notes that it would be bad if Quilge absorbed them as well as Ayon.

She realizes that Orihime is the girl that Aizen previously captured and wonders why she has returned to Hueco Mundo. Sung-Sun interrupts, saying that everything in Hueco Mundo is made of reishi, including their bodies. She explains about her Muda ability and that they cannot defeat Quilge. The Vandenreich officer finds them and begins to absorb them. However, he is attacked by Ichigo, who uses his Bankai to break the halo above his head, surmising that if he crushes it he cannot use the ability.

In Seireitei, Hidetomo tells Ryūnosuke that the enemy will likely like the previous assault, attack via one of the gates and they will receive a warning of their arrival. However, Juhabach appears above them, inside the barrier. There are then a number of explosions around the gathered Shinigami.

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494. Заключительная глава. Часть первая Править

The Vandenreich assault on Seireitei commences, devastating the Gotei 13.



As the lieutenants and captains notice the pillars of blue flame across Seireitei, Rukia heads off to the base of one in anticipation of finding the enemy there. Captain-Commander Yamamoto tells Third Seat Genshirō Okikiba that he is heading out, but is instead ordered to stay and protect the First Division's buildings.

Izuru Kira asks a member of the Reishi Investigation Team how much longer they must wait for him to obtain readings of the blue flame. The Shinigami tells him that the density is so high it is causing problems with his instruments. Izuru asks his Third Seat, Rikū Togakushi, if he thinks the enemy is inside the fire, which he agrees with. As the Fifth and Sixth Seats exchange comments, the Reishi Investigator completes his analysis, confirming there is a Quincy inside. Izuru spots the enemy in the flame and orders an attack. However, the lieutenant is struck by a Heliel Piel which removes his arm and a large part of his torso. As he falls to the ground, Rikū orders his fellow officers to attack with their Shikai at once. They all release their Zanpakutō, but the Quincy overwhelms them before they can do anything. The Vandenreich apologize, saying that they were ordered to kill everyone.

In the SRDI, Akon notes the severity of the situation and that there is traceable enemy reiatsu in sixteen sites. The disappearance of the reiatsu of Izuru and his officers is noted. Akon states that there are a thousand Shinigami dead in the seven minutes of the battle and wonders how they can win.

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495. Блюз кровоточащей гитары Править

The Gotei 13's captains and lieutenants square off against the Stern Ritter.



Captain Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi receives a report about the casualties his Division suffered in the Vandenreich assault, including the disappearance of the reiatsu of Izuru Kira and other senior officers. His opponent, Stern Ritter "U", NaNaNa Najahkoop, asks about the report, but Rōjūrō refuses to elaborate. The pair exchange words, with Rōjūrō commenting that Izuru inspires him to play guitar and that he would be very sad if Izuru died.

Meanwhile, Stern Ritter "F", Äs Nödt, makes short work of the lower-ranked Shinigami, who are unable to injure him. The manner of their deaths prompts one Shinigami to flee. He is then attacked by lieutenant Renji Abarai. However, Renji's strikes have no effect on him. Renji is attacked from above by another enemy, but Byakuya blocks the attack and tells Renji that they should crush their enemies.

Elsewhere, Captain Komamura stops Stern Ritter "E", Bambietta Basterbine, from her slaughter of the Shinigami, while Hisagi, Shunsui, Ukitake, Suì-Fēng and Hitsugaya each encounter a member of the Vandenreich.

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496. Убить тень Править

The Gotei 13's captains and lieutenants square off against the Stern Ritter.


Cover of 496. KILL THE SHADOW.

Hidetomo Kajōmaru, along with other members of the 13th Division are confronted by a Sternritter. Hidetomo stops the Stern Ritter, but he responds by saying that he doesn't mind if Hidetomo runs away, also stating that he is filled with fear. Hidetomo reacts violently, yelling not to mock his division. The Stern Ritter says that Hidetomo unconsciously believes that the situation is under control, but it is really a life and death matter. He also states that the war has already begun, but he is cut off by Hidetomo cutting him.

Meanwhile, Byakuya approaches Renji and Äs Nödt. He tells Renji that Äs is an enemy of Chōjirō Sasakibe, so Renji shouldn't show any mercy to any of the Stern Ritter. Renji argues that he did not intend to show any mercy, but he is interrupted when Äs steps forward. Byakuya then releases his Zanpakutō, in which Renji tells that none of the Stern Ritter can be cut by a Shinigami's blade. Byakuya disagrees, and Senbonzakura cuts Äs, surprising her and Renji. Another Stern Ritter begins to move toward Äs, but Byakuya suggests that he shouldn't carelessly move around. The ground crumbles, surprising the Stern Ritter as he falls down. Byakuya states he made it so that any movement results in the ground breaking, telling Renji it is 2 on 1 now. He also tells Renji that if his Bankai were to be sealed away, then Renji should use his. Renji argues against this, but Byakuya says that the Vandenreich are opponents that could not be defeated without the use of Bankai.

Sajin Komamura tells Iba that if watching how the Stern Ritter seal Bankai, then they have to find out how the Vandenreich do so. Hitsugaya tells Rangiku that is the reason why he'll be using Bankai beside her to find out how to break the seal. Suì-Fēng tells Ōmaeda that if the Gotei 13 can kill the Stern Ritter before they seal Bankai, then it won't be problematic. All the four captains then release their Bankai. However, The Stern Ritter take out a seal and all the captains' Bankai disappears. Byakuya states that it wasn't a sealing technique, but rather their Bankai was stolen from them.

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497. Убить тень 2 Править

While the captains realize their mistake in using their Bankai, Shunsui begins fighting one of the Quincy.


Cover of 497. KILL THE SHADOW 2

As the captains and lieutenants react with shock at the Bankai being stolen, Hitsugaya tells Rangiku to inform the other captains via Tenteikūra of the problem. She does so and the others learn of the situation. Mayuri is enraged that they did not wait for his analysis to be completed.

Shunsui comments that it might be a good thing, noting that there is no telling how long they would have had to wait for Mayuri's analysis to be finished. He states that the Stern Ritter are not enemies they can defeat without Bankai and that someone would have to make the sacrifice eventually. His opponent attacks him and quickly injures Shunsui's eye.

Juhabach leaves it up to his subordinate whether or not to kill the remaining Shinigami in the area. Byakuya stops Renji from using his Bankai, prompting a worried Renji to ask how they can fight the Vandenreich without Bankai.

Akon instructs his subordinate to contact Ichigo, noting that he will take responsibility for doing so without contacting the captain, who is on the front lines.

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498. Тёмный спаситель Править

Akon establishes contact with Kisuke, who updates him on the situation in Hueco Mundo while Ichigo gains the upper hand against Quilge.


Cover of 498. THE DARK RESCUER

Akon is informed that Ichigo's Substitute Shinigami badge is in the Human World, but Ichigo himself is in Hueco Mundo. Learning that the device is at Urahara's shop, Akon orders his subordinate to connect to it. In Hueco Mundo, Urahara answers his Denreishinki. Akon demands to be put through to Ichigo, but Urahara says this is not possible as Ichigo is fighting a Quincy. Akon contemplates this for a moment and asks how the battle is progressing. He is told that Ichigo is gaining the upper hand.

Quilge attempts to steal Ichigo's Bankai, but is unable to do so. Urahara relays this info to Akon, who is stunned. As Pesche and Dondochakka chastise Urahara for being so laid back, he tells Akon that things must be bad if the researcher has to contact him and asks how things are going in Soul Society. As Quilge struggles to cope with Ichigo's power and speed, Ichigo asks him why he and Asguiaro Ebern wanted to seal his Bankai. Quilge declines to answer and instead mentally notes the difficulties he is having. As he refutes Ichigo's claim that the Quincy fear Bankai, Urahara fires an energy blast at him and instructs Ichigo to head to Soul Society at once via a Senkaimon he has opened. He throws Ichigo his Denreishinki and Akon begins to explain the situation to him.

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499. Спаситель во тьме Править

Ichigo travels to Soul Society while Akon and Urahara provide updates.



Hiyosu yells out, saying that they have managed to reach Ichigo Kurosaki, who is now out of Hueco Mundo and is currently headed for Soul Society.

In Hueco Mundo, Sado, Orihime and Nelliel reach where Urahara is. Urahara asks them to recover Quilge's Bankai stealing medallion from his body. He then explains that he has sent Ichigo to Soul Society, and that now they must analyze the enemy.

In the Garganta, Akon is giving Ichigo in information on the current conditions in the Seireitei. Akon explains the enemy's appearance and power. However, Akon explains that they have no knowledge of their abilities, except that they are Quincy. Akon also informs Ichigo that the enemy have the ability to steal Bankai, which shocks Ichigo. Soon, Urahara joins their conversation and explains the enemy’s abilities starting with what he has analyzed. He explains three Quincy abilities, as well as their flaws. Urahara also explains that they have lured Ichigo into Hueco Mundo. All of a sudden, the exit is blocked. Quilge gets up using Ransōtengai and a cage appears, which traps Ichigo. Quilge laughs, saying that Ichigo has lost and will have to stay in that cage as he witnesses the destruction of Soul Society.

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  1. Том 56 на сайте Shueisha BOOKS
  2. 2,0 2,1 Видимо, имелось в виду немецкое "Ангел смерти", с другой стороны, больше похоже на "Мёртвый ангел".
  3. Эта глава называлась «Чёрный спаситель» (The Black Rescuer) в журнале Сёнен Джамп.

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