Кровавая война (Flag of the United Kingdom.svg THE BLOOD WARFARE)
Кровавая война
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg THE BLOOD WARFARE
— пятьдесят пятый том манги «Блич».

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石田 雨竜
Урюу Исида
Ep347OrihimeCharaPic.png 黒崎 一護
Ичиго Куросаки
Ep344UryuCharaPic.png 井上 織姫
Орихиме Иноуэ

C507P9Ywach.png アズギアロ・
Азгиаро Эберн
(без подписи)
Chap481Pg16EbernCharaPic.png 茶渡 泰虎
Ясутора Садо


Требуется перевод сюжета.

480. Кровавая войнаПравить

Сейрейтей зафиксировал массовые исчезновения пустых. Взамен Зенносуке Курумадани на защиту Каракуры отправляют двух новобранцев.



Обложка Кровавой войны в журнале Сёнен Джамп с названием Тысячелетняя кровавая война.

Третьему офицеру двенадцатого отряда Акону докладывают о недавнем исчезновении пустых в мире людей. Капитан Маюри Куроцучи говорит, что это могли сделать только «они». Тем временем, Зенносуке Курумадани прерывает сладкий сон новобранца Рюуносуке Юки. Курумадани упрекает Юки в беспечности, он прослушал все наставления, которые Курумадани давал ему, объясняя, что он должен заменить его в Каракуре. Затем Шино Мадараме ударила по голове Рюуносуке и сказала, что после полудня они отправляются на миссию.

Рюуносуке спрашивет, не страшно ли ей, ведь в Каракуре появляется очень много пустых. Шино кричит на него, говоря, что он показывает свою трусость. Она добавляет, что его выдвижение значит, что его способности оценили.

В Каракуре ночь. Таинственная фигура появилась на крыше, а затем исчезла во тьме. Открываеся Сенкаймон, из которого выходят три синигами. Курумадани желает Юки и Шино удачи и возвращается в Общество душ. Шино предалает Юки разделиться, с чем он нехотя соглашается.

Практически сразу Юки натыкается на пустого. Рюуносуке отчаянно бежит от пустого, пытаясь найти Шино. В конечном счете, он видит, что Шино захватили четыре огромных пустых. Юки клянется спасти её. Однако, прежде чем атаковать пустого, Рюуносуке был сбит им на землю, так же понимая, что Шино не двигается. Перед попыткой пустого убить Рюуносуке, его уничтожает Ичиго Куросаки. Ичиго называет свое имя и говорит, что Рюуносуке должен прийти в себя, если хочет занять место Курумадани. Таинственная фигура выглядывает из тени.
Персонажи в порядке появления:

481. Разрыв Править

Юки и Шино оправились. Они разговаривают, и вдруг в комнате появляется незнакомец.



Обложка The Tearing.

Hiyori finishes her bath and demands to know why no one is replying to her. Lisa tells her that Love went out to buy Jump and coffee milk. Hiyori then asks why she didn't reply. Lisa tells her that she doesn't have a key, Hachi does, but he isn't there either. Hiyori then comments that she can smell Shinigami and looks at a ripple in the air and questions it.

Elsewhere, Ryūnosuke wakes up in Ichigo's room and is told that he can leave. Orihime arrives carrying some bread which she claims is delicious. Ichigo asks if it's really delicious if they're throwing it away. Uryū and Sado arrive, adding that Ichigo has no etiquette. Ichigo asks how they all got into his house. Uryū replies that they ran into Yuzu and to make himself useful and get plates for the bread. Ryūnosuke screams, noticing that Ichigo is the person he met the other day. Ichigo informs him that he has been asleep for an entire day.

Ryūnosuke then has a flashback of Ichigo and the others defeating the Hollows. Uryū tells Ichigo that his attack was reckless and Ichigo says the same of his attack. Orihime informs them that she finished Shino's first aid treatment.

Ryūnosuke thinks of how quickly they defeated the Hollows. Ichigo hands him some bread and tells him to get in his Gigai. As Ryūnosuke tells him that he shouldn't be doing this, Shino shows up with some cola and tears up when she sees that Ryūnosuke is okay. As the two of them bicker with each other, Ichigo and the others begin eating.

In Soul Society Ikkaku rushes along and Yumichika asks why he's running. He responds that people in Rukongai have been disappearing. Ichigo remembers that Ryūnosuke never told them his name. A tall figure standing on Ichigo's bed tells him he's right and introduces himself as Asguiaro Ebern. He asks if there's any other questions. Ichigo responds that he doesn't know who he is, but to get off of his bed.

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482. Плохое приветствиеПравить

Азгиаро рассказывает Ичиго, кто он такой, Иккаку и Юмичика исследуют пропажи людей в Руконгае.



Обложка Bad Recognition.

After Ivan refuses to get off of the bed, Ichigo kicks him out the window. The group discuss Ivan's identity, noting that he looks like an Arrancar. As Ichigo changes to his Shinigami form, to question Ivan and lead him away from the house, the others remain behind, promising to come after finishing the bread. Ichigo asks if he is an Arrancar and what he wants with him, stating that he does not appear to want revenge for Aizen. Ivan denies being an Arrancar and produces a Quincy cross from which he generates a weapon.

In Rukongai's 64th Eastern district, Sabitsura, Ikkaku and Yumichika find an empty village. Ikkaku states that whatever is happening must still be in progress as the report he received indicated there were still some people in the village. A Shinigami reports that he could not find anyone, while another brings them to a series of footprints. They deduce that the villagers were gathered there by other villagers and then taken elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a report is being delivered to Yamamoto when it is interrupted by a group of white-clad people whose faces are hidden. One of the group greets Yamamoto and declares war on him.

Персонажи в порядке появления

483. KriegsErklärungПравить

Ичиго сражается с Азгиаро. Вторженцы объявляют Ямамото войну, Сасакибе ранен.



Обложка 483. KriegsErklärung.

When one of the group of strangers questions the level of security in the Captain-Commander's chamber, Yamamoto tells him that he himself is the best security there is.

In Karakura Town, Ichigo fends of an attack from Ivan and wonders just what Ivan is, noting that he has a bracelet similar to Uryū's, but yet has a mask fragment that only an Arrancar should have. Ivan continues to attack and repeatedly taunts Ichigo. Ichigo realizes this, but decides that he has little choice in the matter and activates his Bankai. Ivan is pleased by this and notes to himself that it will be the end of Ichigo's Bankai as he prepares a special technique. As Ichigo wonders what is happening, Ivan chants an incantation, damaging Ichigo's arm. However, the Substitute Shinigami quickly breaks free from the attack and fires a Getsuga Tenshō at a stunned Ivan.

In the Captain-Commander's chamber, Yamamoto witnesses Sasakibe being thrown across the room with a large arrow through his body. The stranger tells him to praise the lieutenant for showing him what his fate would be and states that after fighting and sacrificing everything, Soul Society will be destroyed in five days by the "Vandenreich".

Персонажи в порядке появления

484. Козлиная бородкаПравить

Вторженцы в масках покидают Сейрейтей. Раненый Азгиаро, совершив неудачную атаку на Ичиго, уходит. Эберн и люди в масках возвращаются в свой штаб.



Обложка 484. The Buckbeard.

One of the masked men states that Soul Society will be destroyed in five days by the "Vandenreich". Yamamoto frees Sasakibe and looks at the masked men. One of the masked men informs him that he can tell that Yamamoto wants to ask who they are and that they would never answer although it is easy to figure out who they really are. They say farewell to Yamamoto and leave by using a shadow. Yamamoto tries to prevent them from leaving and releases his Ryūjin Jakka, burning a large area before realizing that the men had already left. He notices that their Reiatsu has already disappeared from Seireitei, meaning that they are not affected by the Shakonmaku. Sasakibe wakes up and tells Yamamoto something about the masked men and Bankai.

Meanwhile, a heavily wounded Ivan furiously wonders why Ichigo's Bankai did not vanish but is surprised by Ichigo from behind, pointing his blade at side of his face. Ichigo states that he is taking Ivan back for questioning but Ivan escapes by using a shadow and informs Ichigo that it only hides the "chosen ones".

Later, the 7 strangers arrive at their hideout and the one who spoke to Yamamoto takes off his mask. He notices Ivan bowing before him and starts an argument with him. A mysterious man, who appears to be the leader, cuts off the right arm of the man who is arguing with Ivan and says that he does not like them to fight in front of him, and demands to hear their reports for the sake of peace.

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485. Краеугольные камни Править

Император выслушивает доклад. Юки вызывают в Общество душ на похороны Сасакибе и подготовку к войне. Император показывает пленницу ВанденрейхаТию Харрибел.


thumb|190px|left|Обложка 485. Foundation Stones .

Luders is lying on the ground, panting after having his arm cut of by the Vandenreich Leader. The Vandenreich Leader says that he will allow him to speak while lying down, but that he would not need his legs, causing Luders to quickly apologize and say he would never be so rude to him. The Vandenreich Leader then asks for a report.

Meanwhile, Yuki and Ichigo's friends have a conversation and Ichigo returns to his room. Orihime asks if anything happened and before he answers, Yuki receives word that the First Division's lieutenant, Chōjirō Sasakibe has died. Yuki tells the others the news and returns to Soul Society for the funeral and Ichigo's friends leave. Thinking that he cannot just do nothing, Ichigo goes to patrol around Karakura Town. Then, out of nowhere, Nel falls on Ichigo. Before he can say a thing, Nel begs for for Ichigo's help and starts to say something about Hueco Mundo.

The Vandenreich leader asks Luders if he is a prophet, as he said that five days is the required time to prepare for battling Soul Society. He denies this and the leader says he does not want to hear about the future right now and kills him. He then says that Ivan has also done his job well, but kills him too. Another member asks the leader if Arrancar are precious soldiers or not. The leader says that it does not matter and says that if he wanted Arrancar, he could get as much as he wanted, revealing Tier Harribel in chains, unconscious. The leader then says that Hueco Mundo is already their territory.

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486. Багровое сожжениеПравить

Нелл и Пеше рассказывают Ичиго с компанией о том, что происходит в Уэко Мундо. Сасакибе кремируют.



Обложка 486. The Crimson Cremation.

As Ichigo asks what Nel means, Pesche tries to surprise attack him, but fails. Ichigo recognizes the Arrancar and tries to get him to explain what happened.

As Sasakibe's funeral pyre is readied, Yamamoto and other officers gather to pay their last respects. Byakuya reveals to Renji that according to the records, Sasakibe mastered his Bankai before Shunsui and Ukitake did, and yet he did not use his ability in front of others ever since the Gotei 13 was founded. He instead maintained his role as Yamamoto's lieutenant, declining vacant captain positions or even the temporary authority of a captain when such a position became vacant. Instead, he continued under Yamamoto's direct command, which he swore to serve as lieutenant for as long as he lived. Byakuya says that he used his Bankai in a battle for the first time, and died. He says that they are too young to understand the pain Yamamoto is experiencing. Yamamoto orders the pyre to be lit and Sasakibe's cremation begins.

Ichigo returns home with Nel and Pesche and invites his friends over to hear about the situation. Pesche states that after the deaths of Baraggan and Starrk, Harribel was technically in charge of Hueco Mundo but she was attacked and taken away by unknown forces who appear to be taking Arrancar to act as a vanguard force. When he notes that Dondochakka has been taken too, Sado asks if they are going to rescue him. Uryū states that he cannot accompany them, as a Quincy's job is to eliminate Hollows. This prompts Ichigo to say that he knew that but called him anyway so as to avoid him sulking. Kisuke Urahara appears on Ichigo's windowsill offers to arrange their entry to Hueco Mundo.

One of the Vandenreich members picks up Ivan's medallion and examines it, noticing that it was used but Ivan was unable to seal Ichigo's Bankai. The Leader states that they need a special way to seal it. His subordinate states that they expected as much, but having proof is better. The Leader states that hot-blooded fools can be useful at times and orders him to instruct the Jagdarmee of Hueco Mundo to collect a few people alive. In Hueco Mundo, a group of hooded figures are marched under escort through the desert.

Персонажи в порядке появления

487. ЖИВЫЕ, НО СЛЕПЫЕПравить

Ичиго с компанией приходят в Уэко Мундо, где первая Ягдарми разбирается со своми пленниками.



While Urahara leads Ichigo and the others through the Garganta, Ichigo queries how he was able to arrive at such a convenient time. Urahara comments on the amount of unusual activity recently that had put him on alert, saying that it is all connected and is not a trivial matter. They arrive in Hueco Mundo to find ruined buildings and the sand itself burning. Members of the Jagdarmee hear something as the group falls from the sky, but dismiss the noise as their imagination.

The group note the dead bodies lying around the area. Pesche explains that it is their way and explains that the blue flames they can see are cause by the enemy's use of condensed reishi. Ichigo asks what will happen to those that are being dragged away by the invaders. Pesche states that they will be taken to their camp and divided into groups to be killed or taken away. Ichigo decides to go save them, despite being told that Dondochakka is not among them. Urahara wonders if Ichigo realizes that he is going to help those that were his enemies just recently. Sado states that because Pesche and Nel know that Ichigo is that kind of person, they trust him to do something about the situation. The group follow Ichigo.

At the Jagdarmee camp, the unit commander Kirge Opie looks on as the captives are lined up, ready for selection. Kirge explains the selection process to the captives, but as he does so he is attacked by two of them. Kirge complains about how long it takes his subordinates to show concern for him before stating that their swords were supposed to have been taken. Loly and Menoly cast off their cloaks and introduce themselves, before being swiftly put down by Kirge. He tells his subordinates to beat them but not kill them as "his majesty" wishes to collect "idiots with guts". As he talks about the quality of Aizen's Arrancar, including Harribel, he is attacked by Harribel's Fracción.

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488. Узы за взрывомПравить

Фрассьоны Харрибел убивают множество бойцов Ягдарми, но их останавливает Килге Опи. На собрании капитанов синигами обсуждаются последние события.



Обложка 488. Bond Behind Blast.

As Apacci and Mila Rose bicker, Sung-Sun challenges Kirge. Ichigo Kurosaki notices a commotion at the Jagdarmee camp and Nel tells him that it is being caused by the Tres Bestia. She explains that they are Harribel's three Fraccion, and about their reputation, proclaiming that the enemy will be defeated swiftly.

Apacci and Mila Rose continue to argue as the three Arrancar make short work of the Jagdarmee troops. Kirge offers to allow them to surrender, saying that their strength would be of use to his leader. He states that he would prefer to take them alive so they can join their army and serve with Harribel. However, the trio dismiss this.

In the First Division's offices, the Gotei 13 captains assemble to hear about the Vandenreich assault. After listening to Akon's report to the captains, Mayuri states that the intruders call themselves Vandenreich and that their attack is undoubtedly linked to the recent disappearances of Hollows. After stating that they are Quincy, he reveals that they do not know how they survived or increased their numbers. He comments on their ability to enter Seireitei so easily and on Sasakibe's dying words. Yamamoto asks him where their base is, but Mayuri replies that he does not know. The Captain-Commander orders the captains to prepare for battle immediately, as they cannot trust the word of the Vandenreich that it will be five days before the battle and will not allow them to take the initiative again.

Ichigo arrives at the site of the battle between the Tres Bestia to find that they have been all defeated. Kirge notices him and states that they have many guests today.

Персонажи в порядке появления

489. Марш Звёздного крестаПравить

Лейтенанты обсуждают пропажи людей в Руконгае. Пока Ичиго сражается с Килге, Яхве использует возможность беспрепятственно атаковать Общество душ.



Обложка 489. Марш Звёздного креста.

Renji tells an impatient Rukia to relax and says the captains meeting will not end sooner if she keeps pacing. Kira asks if they think there is a connection between the invasion of the rebel army, the disappearance of Hollows and the missing people in Rukongai. He asks if anyone investigated outside of district 50. Yachiru says that Ikkaku and Yumichika went to district 64. As she describes the footsteps they saw, Kira notes that the sandal footsteps' owners are probably Shinigami, as all of the people in districts 50 and above wear rags and have no shoes. He asks Nemu what her captain is hiding and says he'll report this to Captain-Commander Yamamoto. Nemu says she is sure that her captain has done nothing wrong.

In Hueco Mundo, Ichigo confronts Kirge and his remaining subordinates and is told that he is a "special war potential" and is to be dealt with swiftly. The Vandenreich members attack him and Ichigo realizes that the members who attack him are using Hirenkyaku. He asks them if they are really Quincy and Kirge admits that they are Quincy as he draws his weapon.

Meanwhile, a messenger reports to the Vandenreich Leader that Ichigo has infiltrated Hueco Mundo and is fighting Kirge. The Leader says that they shall go to Soul Society, saying that fighting Kirge will keep Ichigo busy for a while and that this is the perfect chance to occupy Soul Society and to notify all of the Stern Ritter that the Vandenreich is about to invade Soul Society.

In Seireitei, Mayuri admits that he ordered members of the 12th Division to kill 28,000 citizens of Rukongai to correct the balance of souls. When Yamamoto asks him why didn't he ask for a permission remarking that he would have gotten it, considering the level of emergency it was. Mayuri says that if the situation had gotten worse, he would take responsibility for it. Yamamoto then says that if the SRDI reported it faster, the situation wouldn't have gotten this serious. Mayuri says that he is wrong, claiming that Yamamoto is the only one responsible, because of what happened 1,000 years ago when he failed to kill the man that is now the Vandenreich's Leader.

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