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Эта статья о материализации духовного меча Рукии Кучики. Для информации о самом мече и его способностях, см. Соде но Шираюки.

Соде но Шираюки (Flag of Japan.svg 袖白雪 [Содэ но Сираюки], Flag of Japan.svg «рукав белого снега»)
Соде но Шираюки
Flag of Japan.svg 袖白雪
Киридзи: Содэ но Сираюки
Flag of Japan.svg «рукав белого снега»
— воплощение духовного меча Рукии Кучики.

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Воплощение духа Соде но Шираюки принимает форму молодой женщины с бледной кожей и ледяными голубыми глазами. У неё длинные бледно-лиловые волосы, часть которых завязана в пучок в форме булочки. Остальные волосы распущены на плечи. Прядь волос падает между глазами. С левой стороны волосы крепятся заколкой в форме звезды. Она носит белое кимоно с широкими рукавами и длинным подолом, перевязанное на талии бледно-жёлто-зелёным поясом, который завязан в большой бледно-фиолетовый бант на спине.[1]

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Раздел не переведён с английского. [Я хочу перевести!]
While under the influence of Muramasa's brainwashing, Sode no Shirayuki is merciless, doggedly pursuing Rukia Kuchiki all the way to the Human World in order to kill her[2] and freezing several unseated Shinigami solid as they screamed in terror. She refuses to spare the life of anyone who gets in her way, and is extremely resentful toward Rukia for not considering how she was effectively forced to lend her power, claiming Rukia cannot do anything without her. Rukia herself notes Sode no Shirayuki is filled with hatred and wishes to destroy life despite being one of the most beautiful beings in all of Soul Society. However, when Rukia nearly kills both of them in an attempt to set her free, Sode no Shirayuki has a momentary change of heart and tries to return to Rukia after witnessing her strength of spirit in being willing to let her go.[3]

After being freed from Muramasa's brainwashing, Sode no Shirayuki is very polite, addressing Senbonzakura as «Sir Senbonzakura» and Rukia as «Lady Rukia». However, she can have rather short-sighted ideas, such as freezing the entire Seireitei solid and throwing a huge party in order to draw out a Tōjū. She reveals to Rukia that she left her because her confidence in her own power made her anxious to act on her own, and initially believes she is only a tool of destruction without Rukia guiding her, though Rukia eventually convinces her otherwise. She is much more caring toward Rukia, pushing her out of the way of a surprise attack and willingly lending her power during their fight with the satyr Tōjū.[4] She frequently walks and talks with Rukia in their free time.[5]

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Раздел не переведён с английского. [Я хочу перевести!]
High Spiritual Power: As the Zanpakutō spirit of a lieutenant-level Shinigami, Sode no Shirayuki possesses a considerable amount of Reiryoku. She managed to overwhelm Rukia Kuchiki during both of their fights,[2][3] and even fought on par with Byakuya Kuchiki for a short period of time.[6] Her Reiatsu is white.[7]
232Ice Generation.gif

Sode no Shirayuki generates ice.

Ice Generation: Sode no Shirayuki can generate and manipulate ice for a variety of purposes. She can unleash an avalanche of ice from her hand.[1] When she arrived in the Human World, Sode no Shirayuki froze the grass around her solid simply by setting foot on the ground. She can create a lifelike clone of ice to distract her opponent by causing them to attack it instead of her.[2] Sode no Shirayuki can generate and fire ice shards and crescent-shaped blasts of ice at her opponent by swinging her arm in an arc at them. She can freeze a mid-level Kidō spell like Hadō #33. Sōkatsui completely solid.[3]

  • Icy Wind: Sode no Shirayuki can generate an icy wind by blowing cold air through her cupped hand. While usually used to distract an opponent,[2] this attack is potent enough to freeze several unseated Shinigami solid where they stand and send a captain-level combatant flying away.[3] Sode no Shirayuki can also generate several blades of icy wind in her hand and throw them at her opponent, encasing whatever they hit in ice. She can protect herself from outside attacks by generating a large orb of icy wind around herself.[3] She can also use this technique to deflect attacks, and can generate it from her hand as well.[8]

Expert Swordswoman: Sode no Shirayuki is very adept in swordsmanship. She effortlessly fought on par with Rukia during their fight.[3] During her fight with Byakuya, Sode no Shirayuki managed to clash evenly with him several times, and blocked or parried almost all of his attacks.[6]

Enhanced Speed: Sode no Shirayuki is a very fast combatant. She managed to keep up with both Rukia and Ichigo Kurosaki during their battles, and even caught them off-guard on several occasions.[2][3] She even managed to initially keep pace with Byakuya, a Shunpo master, during their fight.[6] During her fight with the satyr Tōjū, Sode no Shirayuki managed to avoid all of the latter's considerably fast close-range attacks.[4]

Enhanced Durability: Sode no Shirayuki is considerably durable. She withstood being hit by Hadō #73. Sōren Sōkatsui at close range without suffering any visible injuries.[3]

Senkaimon Opening: Despite not being a Shinigami, Sode no Shirayuki can open a Senkaimon. She used this ability to return to Soul Society from the Human World.[2]

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Файл:232Sode no Shirayuki's manifestation.gif
  • Shikai: Sode no Shirayuki's released Zanpakutō takes the form of a katana with a white, snowflake-like tsuba, a white hilt, a white blade, and a long white ribbon on the end of the pommel.[2] Sode no Shirayuki manifests it by clasping her hands together and pulling them apart as the glowing Sode no Shirayuki appears between them.[3]
Shikai Special Ability: Sode no Shirayuki allows Sode no Shirayuki to use special, ice-based techniques known as «dances».[2]
Файл:254Some no mai, Tsukishiro.gif
  • Some no mai, Tsukishiro (Flag of Japan.svg 初の舞・月白 [First Dance, White Moon])
    Some no mai, Tsukishiro
    Flag of Japan.svg 初の舞・月白
    Киридзи: First Dance, White Moon
    : Sode no Shirayuki slashes at her opponent, causing an icy circle to form beneath them before encasing them in a huge pillar of ice, which proceeds to shatter alongside the enemy caught within it.[2] Sode no Shirayuki notes her use of this technique is much more advanced than Rukia's is; instead of limiting the range of the technique to the area within the slash of her sword, Sode no Shirayuki can target enemies from a considerable distance away.[3] Sode no Shirayuki can also have the icy circle form on walls behind enemies for a surprise attack.[6]
253Tsugi no mai, Hakuren.gif

Sode no Shirayuki uses Tsugi no mai, Hakuren.

  • Tsugi no mai, Hakuren (Flag of Japan.svg 次の舞・白漣 [Next Dance, White Ripple])
    Tsugi no mai, Hakuren
    Flag of Japan.svg 次の舞・白漣
    Киридзи: Next Dance, White Ripple
    : Sode no Shirayuki punctures the ground in front of her four times, causing ice particles to flow up in front of her. Holding her sword out in front of her, Sode no Shirayuki generates a large amount of ice, which surges forward and engulfs the enemy, freezing them solid and shattering them soon afterward.[2][9]

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Раздел не переведён с английского. [Я хочу перевести!]
Sode no Shirayuki appears in the second session of the Bleach Breathless Collection with Rukia Kuchiki. Their two songs on the album are «MOON» and «WHITEOUT».

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Раздел не переведён с английского. [Я хочу перевести!]
*(To Rukia Kuchiki) «I will no longer tolerate your demands. You no longer control me. I am free now. You may choose not to believe it, but you can no longer keep me from doing anything. From now on, I will only do as I please, and I will not spare the life of anyone who gets in my way.»[3]
  • (To Rukia Kuchiki) «Until now, you had the ability to harness my power as a Zanpakutō spirit whenever you wished, and I graciously allowed you to do so. We allowed it because we Zanpakutō spirits had no choice in the matter. Well, from here on, things will be very different. Now, it's time — time to use my power for me, however I choose.»[3]
  • (To Rukia Kuchiki) «You are quite correct. I do hate you. That is why he must die. Killing him is the best way to make you truly suffer. I shall take away everything and everyone that is dear to you — your family, your friends, and your pride in being a Shinigami — and all you will be able to do is painfully watch.»[3]
  • (To Rukia Kuchiki) «How about we freeze the entire town with the fiend inside it? The buildings will easily thaw out.»[4]
  • (To Rukia Kuchiki) «Truth is, we Zanpakutō are nothing but weapons meant for fighting. Maybe, beneath it all, we do lack heart. Don't you see? I always prided myself on the extent of my power. The fact is, that's why I was so anxious to act on my own just one time. That's how Muramasa was able to worm his way into my heart. I was blinded by my ego. I started thinking I could do anything and everything myself. But the results of this incident have made me sit up and realize how mistaken I was. I really am only a weapon with nothing to offer except my power. Without your heart to guide me, I'm just a simple tool of destruction.»[4]

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