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Сейген Сузунами (Flag of Japan 朱司波征源 [Судзунами Сэйгэн])
Сейген Сузунами
Flag of Japan 朱司波征源 [Судзунами Сэйгэн]
— персонаж из видеоигры Bleach: The 3rd Phantom. В игре он был капитаном пятого отряда Готея 13. Его лейтенантом был Сосуке Айзен.

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Сейген носит стандартную форму синигами и капитанский хаори 5-го отряда. У него темно-красные волосы, которые разделены по центру и с левой стороны его лица свисает прядь.

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Сейген довольно суровый человек. Он считает, что выполнять работу синигами — это его долг. Он проводит чёткую границу между личной жизнью и своими обязанностями (например, он настаивает, чтобы Мацури и Фуджимару называли его «капитаном Сузунами»). Хотя с другой стороны, даже несмотря на звание капитана, он часто выглядит беззаботным, и предпочитает, чтобы на дежурстве его называли по имени. Он очень много заботится о своей сестре и своих подчиненных. Он явно хочет, чтобы все считали его надёжным человеком.

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История персонажа не переведена с английского.
Seigen meets twins

Seigen and Urahara save the young twins.

Approximately 100 years ago, Seigen Suzunami and his lieutenant Sōsuke Aizen, along with 12th Division captain Kisuke Urahara, were sent on a mission in the Rukongai to drive off a group of Hollows that had become unusually organized and attacked Rukongai civilians. Upon arrival, they killed most of the Hollows present and scared off their leader, who was about to eat two twin children. Realizing one of the two twins were wounded, Seigen took them into his home to rest. His sister, Konoka Suzunami, healed the wounded twin.

When the wounded twin awoke, he and his sister introduced themselves as Fujimaru Kudō and Matsuri Kudō. As they were resting in their household, they fed the two of them some apples. After they ate them, they asked for more because they were hungry. Knowing that only Souls with spiritual potential could feel hunger, they asked the Kudō twins if they would like to become Shinigami. The two were unsure at first, but eventually decided to become Shinigami in order to repay Seigen and Konoka for saving them.

After six years in the Shin'ō Academy, both Matsuri and Fujimaru joined the 5th Division.

After some time with the twins in the 5th Division, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto explained to Seigen and the other Shinigami captains that Arturo Plateado, a powerful Arrancar, returned to the Soul Society and that his powers are now complete from his last assault. Arturo himself appears at one of the gates in order to goad the captains into attacking him. Seigen, along with Retsu Unohana, Shunsui Kyōraku, and Jūshirō Ukitake confronted him when he appeared. After Arturo killed two unseated Shinigami soldiers, everyone present realized that Arturo's Zanpakutō, Fénix, absorbs the reiatsu of the people it has killed and that the Gotei 13 had trouble dealing with him in the past because of this, and that if Arturo absorbed the reiatsu of a captain, then he would become too powerful to stop. Arturo retreated soon after this, realizing that the captains were being too cautious for him to kill them.

Later, Arturo attacked the gates again. Seigen and the captains, along with Fujimaru and Matsuri, confronted him. They struggled to hold him off, but Kisuke Urahara arrived with Konoka. They revealed that the Central 46 had went to Konoka for help, as she is the only one who can wield the Shisuikyō, a powerful mirror that can absorb reiatsu. Seigen was noticeably upset by this, but decided to go along with the plan anyway. As their battle progressed, Arturo realized that his reiatsu was decreasing because of the mirror; however, using the mirror also drained Konoka's reiatsu. After the Shinigami defeated Arturo, Konoka collapsed, succumbing to exhaustion from using the mirror over an extensive amount of time. Without anyone able to control the mirror, it absorbed Seigen, Fujimaru, Matsuri, and Arturo, and sent them into the Wandering Spirit World.

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Suzunami skill

Seigen using Flash Step

Мастер владения мечом: Seigen is very proficient in swordsmanship, able to use his Zanpakutō to fight effectively in battle. As a captain, he knows both Shikai and Bankai.

Эксперт поступи: Seigen is known to be an expert at Shunpo, as he states that both he and Aizen are proficient with the use of Shunpo. He can use it to arrive at any location quickly, as well as effectively in battle, using them to strike his opponent multiple times.

Эксперт кидо: Seigen is proficient in Kidō, very knowledgeable with both Hadō and Bakudō spells.

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Шиден (紫電, «фиолетовая молния»): У меча довольно длинная тёмно-красная рукоять и гарда в форме глаза с дырами и шипами по бокам.

Suzunami Zanpakuto

Seigen's Zanpakutō in its Shikai state.

  • Шикай: Команда высвобождения — Прибей его (Flag of Japan 打ち据えろ [учисуэро])
    Прибей его
    Flag of Japan 打ち据えろ [учисуэро]
    . Рукоять принимает нормальный размер. Лезвие становится зубчатым, похожим на молнию, с двумя острыми шипами на конце.
Shiden's Special Ability

Shiden's Special Ability

Shikai Special Ability: By holding his Zanpakutō vertically in the air and slamming it on the ground, electricity flows in between the points to form a ball and then releases a wide-range lightning shock.
  • Shigasumi (Flag of Japan 紫霞 [Violet Mist])
    Flag of Japan 紫霞 [Violet Mist]
    : A web of lightning shoots out from Shiden and paralyzes anything in its path.
  • Shiden Raikō (Flag of Japan 紫電雷吼 [Violet Lightning Thunderclap])
    Shiden Raikō
    Flag of Japan 紫電雷吼 [Violet Lightning Thunderclap]
    : Shiden fires a massive violet lightning bolt.

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Seigen's First Hollow Form

Seigen's first Hollow form.

Aizen eventually fuses Seigen with a Menos Grande after Seigen requests for a way to get rid of his emotions. In this form, Seigen has a gigantic body, pale white skin, glowing red eyes, a long red mane, Hollow mask remnants covering the upper right side of his face, and a partially opened Hollow hole in the center of his chest. He is still clothed in his Shinigami uniform, but they have become tattered upon this transformation. In this form, Seigen has no rational thought and is unable to speak fluently; however, he is still able to recognize the presence of his sister, Konoka Suzunami.

Cero: Being fused with a Menos, Seigen is able to fire violet-colored Cero blasts. Seigen can fire a barrage of Ceros, which, according to Ulquiorra Cifer, lasts almost forever in theory. He is able to fire his Cero upwards, which later rains down upon his opponents.

Claw Extension: Seigen is capable of extending the claws on his hands.

Electricity Enhanced Attacks: Seigen is able to augment his physical attacks by channeling electricity through his arms.

High-Speed Regeneration: Seigen is capable of regeneration; however, the full extent of this ability is unknown.

Shisuikyō (Flag of Japan 熾水鏡 [Burning Water Mirror], "Shisui Mirror" in the English version)
Flag of Japan 熾水鏡 [Burning Water Mirror]
"Shisui Mirror" in the English version
: Aizen later states that Seigen is capable of using the Shisuikyō, but had to have his spiritual makeup changed first, and by fusing him with a Menos Grande, they were able to change his spiritual makeup to something similar to Konoka Suzunami, enabling him to use the mirror in this form.

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Seigen's Second Hollow Form

Seigen's second Hollow form.

After being abandoned by Aizen and being defeated by Matsuri Kudō, Fujimaru Kudō, and Shiyo, three other Menos Grande appear, and Seigen feeds on them. He also merges with the Shisuikyō, which turns him into a large serpent-like creature with black tentacles, and a large mirror placed in the center of his body.

Cero: Seigen is able to fire a large yellow Cero from his mouth.

Electricity Generation: Seigen can generate electricity through his head and electrocute anything it touches when he does so.

Tentacles: In this form, Seigen has many black tentacles, which have mouths and teeth. These tentacles are very powerful, having both powerful physical attacks, and are able to fire yellow Cero blasts.

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События, происходящие в игре, не согласуются с хронологией манги и аниме. По сюжету игры Сейген был капитаном пятого отряда в то же самое время, когда Кисуке Урахара был капитаном двенадцатого отряда. Однако, в манге (и в аниме) всё время, пока Урахара оставался капитаном, пятым отрядом командовал Шинджи Хирако. А затем, вследствие интриг Айзена, Урахара и Хирако одновременно покинули Общество душ.