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Связанные (バウント, баунто) — люди, чьи души при рождении соединились с душами, над которыми экспериментировали учёные-синигами. Это придало им необычные способности и вечную жизнь, при условии того, что они будут восполнять энергию, пожирая другие души.

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Bount Vampires.png

Связанные были когда-то известны как Вампиры в мире Живых.

Связанные - живые существа, подобные Квинси, разница в том, что у них есть специальный компонент, который включает в себя человеческую душу. Связанные имеют уникальную способность поглощать человеческие души, делая их своими [1] Как в результате этой способности, Связанные в разное время в истории человека были помечены как "вампиры". Как случайные творения ученых Синигами, они когда-то были связаны с Обществом Душ. В настоящее время Связанные в целом представляют маленькое племя существ от того, каким они когда-то были. Из-за их положения, они не являются связаными ни с обществом душ, ни с живым миром, они отверженные, не принятые ни в одном измерении.

Они обладают способностями благодаря своему уникальному созданию, которое отличает их от нормальных людей и даже Квинси. Эти способности включают в себя:

Поглощение Души: Обычно, Связанные поглощают Человеческую душу только после их физической смерти, когда их душа пытается пойти дальше. Но, они также способны забирать души живых людей, таким образом убивая Людей.[1]

  • Бессмертие: Поглощая Человеческую душу, Связанные обретают бессмертие. Когда они поглощают Человеческие души, они обретают вечную жизнь.[1]
  • Совершенство: Забирая души живых Людей, Связанные обретают необычные способности.[2]

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Original Bount Experiment.png

The original experiment that led to the Bount's creation.

The Bounts were created by Ran'Tao as the accidental result of an explosion during an experiment by the predecessor to the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. The experiment was an attempt to develop eternal life using the already slow-aging Shinigami souls as the base, but the materials used in the experiment crossed with the development of souls in the real world and led to the creation of a new spiritually-active Human race, the Bounts. [3]

The Bount souls were scattered about the world, giving rise to a new race that never aged after reaching their twenties or thirties. They were generally treated as outcasts due to the fact that they did not age. The Shinigami scientist responsible for their creation, Ran'Tao, gathered most of the Bount into a small community in a secret cave structure, several centuries before the main storyline. It was her intent to improve the quality of life for the people whose suffering she felt responsible for.[4]

Ran'Tao is summoned to Central 46.png

Ran'Tao brought to Central 46 over the Bount's creation.

However, the embarrassment of this accidental creation, as well as the fact that a tenth of Seireitei was destroyed in the resulting explosion and the possible threat they posed to the balance between the worlds, led the Central 46 to rule that the experiment and its failure was to be covered up, and the Bounts destroyed. Shinigami were dispatched to kill the Bount community, but a handful survived, including a young boy saved by Ran'Tao herself, to whom she gave a seal that would help unlock the Bounts' true power.[5]

The Bounts who survived the massacre wandered like nomads and eventually fell prey to constant attacks by Hollows. It was during this time that the boy, Eugene Carrier, activated the seal's power and merged with his doll - the Bount equivalent to a Shinigami's Zanpakutō - and killed off the attacking Hollows.[6] The survivors eventually found refuge in another cave and began devising a plan to return to Soul Society, which they saw as more of a home than the real world ever could be. Eugene, now an adult, was against this plan. He had witnessed the massacre and believed the only thing that would await the Bounts if they returned to Soul Society would be subservience or death. Regardless, the Bounts' leadership decided to gain access to Soul Society by means of the Quincys' power. The Quincy were unwilling to assist, and a battle ensued, in which the Quincy and Shinigami killed most of the surviving Bounts.[7]

Kariya and Ugaki perfect the Doll science.png

Jin Kariya and Ugaki perfect the Doll summoning ritual.

Further infuriated by this, Eugene took the last few surviving Bount, all of whom were of a similar mindset to him, and began plotting revenge on Soul Society. These Bounts managed to perfect the control of their dolls, and by the time of the main storyline, Eugene, now going by the alias, Jin Kariya, was ready for vengeance.

Unfortunately, Kariya's plan was doomed to fail, as most of the Bounts he assembled were either killed by the Shinigami and their allies or rebelled against him and was forced to kill them. The only Bount that wasn't killed was Gō Koga, who ironically ended up living with the Bount's creator, Ran'Tao.[8]

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Независемость от возраста у связанных является реакцией того, как они выживают: они "едят" много человеческих, шинигамских, пустых, и квини душ, которые потенциально увеличивает их способности. Это также, кажется, сделало их бесплодными, так как только один связанный, Йошино Сома, была способна к размножению.[9] Normally, Bounts consume Human souls that have already died.

Bount Seals: These seals are called Hankyō Hyuraizā.[10] Jin Kariya was the only Bount who has shown most use of this technique. His first one was the birth of the bittos. The following Bount seals:

  • Zeige Dich, Noin Raven meaning Pursue the Plan, Noin Raven. [9]
  • Zeige Dich!, German for Show yourself, is used by all the Bounts.[11] It is similar to a Shikai command; the difference is that all Bounts have the same release command. A Shikai has only one dominant command, while a doll has many commands.

Space Manipulation: The Bounts are able to manipulate space after they have sucked a number of souls. Jin Kariya was said to have long had this ability, while Gō Koga had recently gained the ability. The following Spacial Commands are:

  • Andere Welt anschliessende Port, tauch' dich sofort auf!, incorrect German meaning The portal which connects to another world, appear now!. This opens a Senkaimon.[12]
  • Mache sogleich das Tor fuer unsere Bounto auf!, German phrase meaning Open at once the gate for our Bounts. This allows the Bount's souls to pass through the Senkaimon. In order for the portal to open faster, it needs a Quincy arrow to be shot through the portal.[13]

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Various Dolls manifested from the Bounts.

Bounts, being created as variations on a Shinigami soul, have similar powers to Shinigami. The foremost of these powers is the Bount doll,a familiar equivalent to a Shinigami's Zanpakutō.[14] Like a Zanpakutō, a doll is its creator's power given physical form. Also like a Zanpakutō, a doll's personality is much like its creator's, though the dolls seem to have more personality variation than the Zanpakutō spirits seen thus far.

The main difference between a doll and a Zanpakutō is how they operate. Unlike a Zanpakutō, whose personality is generally dormant except when the Shinigami wishes to speak to them, a doll's personality is always dominant. Dolls are self-sufficient when released, though they can easily be resealed. The Bounts' ability to control their doll is largely based on their individual power and relationship with the doll. Moreover, if either the doll or its Bount partner sustains severe damage in a battle, the Bount may lose control over his doll, depending on the amount of damage dealt. If a doll is injured, it will simply return itself to its sealed state. However, should its master be injured, the doll may go berserk and kill its master, which is what happened with Ugaki and Mabashi's dolls. A doll may also kill a Bount who is not powerful enough to contain it, as was the case with Cain.[15] Bounts with a genuine bond with their dolls can transgress this (but only if their interaction goes well beyond that of between master and slave), however, as shown by Yoshino's doll's loyalty towards his master to the point where he refused to leave her side to fulfill her final wish: for her to be merged with him.[16]

Like a Zanpakutō, dolls are generally sealed into an object and released as necessary. Gō Koga's doll, for example, is sealed into a metal sphere, but his hidden doll is merged with him by his special abilities.[17] The object varies greatly from person to person and is often an expression of the doll's abilities. In order to call upon a Bount's doll, the phrase "Zeige Dich" is said, which is a German phrase meaning "Show yourself."[18]

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Битто готовится создать концентророванную сывортку

Джин Кария и Угаки были так же способны создавать уникальный вид кукол, известных как "Битто",[2] Они комаро-подобные создания, которые высасывают души людей и сжимают энергию в очищенную жидкость, которую Баунто способны пить.Они даже создают удобный флакон в своих телах для хранения эликсира (который принимает форму красного кровоподобного раствора). После того как эликсир душ был выпит Баунто мгновенно ощущают эффекты, это проявляется внешне как вздутые вены.[19] Кария создал "Битто" пожертвовав Йошино Сома, елинственную Баунто, способную к репродукции, в разработанном ритуале, продуцирующим целый их рой.[20]

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  • Надписи на обложке диска "ТВ Анимация Блич Официальный Саундтрек 2" [21] состоит из двух стихов, один посвящён Связанным, и похоже, второй тоже:
    • "Много лет тому назад...
Бесконечно много лет тому назад...
Мы существовали в тени истории.
Бесчиленны те, у кого есть опыт
неописуемые трагедии...
которые в данных обстоятельствах, сейчас,
Связанные наконец-то возникнут
прямо из тьмы."
  • "Мы жили на протяжении нескольких столетий...
Так долго, что наши бесчисленные воспоминания
давным-давно стали пепельно-серыми."
  • У связанных, как и у Квинси, немецкий мотив.

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