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Старк присутствует при создании Вандервайса Марджела, стоя на ступеньках напротив Соске Айзена вместе с несколькими другими Эспада.[1]

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145Espada gather

Старк присутствует на собрании Эспады.

Позже, видно как он присоединяется к Эспаде, так как их позвал Айзен, чтобы обсудить вопрос о Ичиго Куросаки, Ясуторе Садо, и Урюу Исиде, которые вторглись в Уэко Мундо, чтобы спасти Орихиме Иноуэ.[2]


Старк забирает Орихиме.

Когда 9 Эспада, Аарониро Арруруэри, был убит Рукией, Лилинетт Джинджербак грубо разбудила его и сообщает ему о событии. Когда Старк заявляет, что он уже знает об этом, Лилинетт призывает его сделать что-то, на что получает вопрос, что именно она хочет, чтобы он сделал.[3]

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221Starrk and Lilynette confront

Starrk and Lilynette are confronted by Shunsui Kyōraku and Jūshirō Ukitake.

When Aizen travels to Karakura Town, he summons Starrk, along with Lilynette and the two other strongest Espada and their Fracción, to the Fake Karakura Town in order to do battle with the Gotei 13.[4] When Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto uses his Shikai to trap Aizen, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tōsen, Starrk narrowly avoids the attack. When Baraggan, deciding to take control of the situation himself, tells Starrk he had better not have a problem with this, Starrk agrees, which earns him a kick from Lilynette.[5]


Starrk draws his sword.

After the pillars which keep the Real Karakura Town in Soul Society are successfully defended and four of Baraggan's Fracción are killed, all of the other Arrancar, pairing up against the Shinigami, begin to battle, with Starrk and Lilynette engaging in battle with Captains Shunsui Kyōraku and Jūshirō Ukitake.[6] When Shunsui asks Starrk to send Lilynette somewhere else, for he cannot give the fight his all with her there, Starrk, brushing the comment aside, states if Shunsui will not fight at full power, neither will he. When Ukitake asks him what he means, the Espada, stating this sort of thing does not really suit him, asks if they can just pretend to fight and wait until the others are finished. Agreeing it would be a good idea, as he is the same way and hates getting hurt, Shunsui states this time, he cannot. Stating it is a pain, Starrk draws his sword.[7]

Noticing the fight between Rangiku Matsumoto, Momo Hinamori, and Harribel's Fracción, Shunsui asks Starrk if they should also put on a show.[8] Not amused by Shunsui's attempt at humor, Starrk declines, stating neither one of them is fighting at full strength anyway, and notes how Shunsui's short sword is still sheathed. When Shunsui claims he only uses it in places where it is difficult to use a katana, Starrk notes Shunsui is ambidextrous, and he is faster with his left hand than his right, so he does not quite believe his excuse for his supposed lack of using his short sword. When Shunsui attacks, Starrk, dodging, is surprised by Shunsui's switching hands mid-attack and correcting his swing by making his right hand's strength match his left. After Starrk comments on the change, Shunsui asks him if he will take the fight seriously if he unsheathes his short sword. When Starrk states Shunsui is already plenty strong enough and he would not want him using his short sword, Shunsui decides to unsheathe his sword.[9]

226Starrk reveals

Starrk reveals his Espada tattoo.

After Yamamoto kills Ayon and subsequently defeats Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose, and Cyan Sung-Sun, Starrk notices Harribel's change in tactics. Assuming Harribel is the 3rd Espada, Shunsui states he hopes Starrk is the second strongest so the battle will be a little easier for him. When Starrk reveals himself to be the Primera Espada, Shunsui, not seeming very surprised, states the battle will not be too easy after all.[10]

Evenly matched with Shunsui, Starrk states he is surprised Shunsui was able to dodge his attacks without losing his hat or mussing his kimono.[11] As the battle progresses, Starrk, scolding Shunsui for running away, fires a Cero at Shunsui, surprising him by not using any fighting pose, before staring in horror at Hitsugaya's approaching cloud.[12]

Watching Baraggan being hit by Suì-Fēng's Bankai, Starrk, looking over to the obelisk of ice which Harribel is imprisoned in, asks Shunsui if all their Bankai are this powerful. When Shunsui calls them their secret weapons, Starrk asks if his own Bankai is more powerful than Tōshirō Hitsugaya's. When Shunsui states while he is uncertain of it, in a hundred years or so, it is possible Hitsugaya might become more powerful than himself, Starrk notes this means Shunsui is currently the stronger one. When Shunsui, tossing his kimono to Ukitake, states he believes Starrk finally wants to fight for real, Starrk says he wants to see Shunsui's Bankai.[13]

277Starrk enters

Starrk in his Resurrección, Los Lobos.

Sheathing his sword, Starrk, calling Lilynette over, reveals he and Lilynette are one: while other Hollows split their power into their sword and body, they split into two bodies instead, and once they are one again, their full power will be released. With that, Starrk enters his Resurrección while Shunsui releases his Zanpakutō's Shikai.[14] After the two clash, Starrk tells Shunsui he seems a little panicked, which is not at all like him.

277Cero Metralleta

Starrk attempts to force Shunsui to use his Bankai.

Shunsui states he meant to kill him with the first blow, but his release must be really something if he could parry it. When he deduces Starrk's gun fires Ceros, Starrk, confirming this, denies it can do anything else when Shunsui asks if it is capable of more. When Starrk tells him he better show him his Bankai because he made him enter his Resurrección, Shunsui states he has no intention of showing him, no matter how strong he has gotten, especially if he is just going to fire Ceros. When Starrk fires Cero Metralleta at Shunsui, Ukitake, jumping in front of Shunsui after activating his Shikai and negates the multiple Ceros with a blast of his own, prompting Starrk to, dodging the blast, ask Ukitake if it was a Cero.[15]

When Starrk asks Ukitake how he fired a Cero, Ukitake states maybe he will figure it out if he does it again. After they clash, Starrk, using Sonído to get closer to Ukitake, explains what he has learned of his ability. As Ukitake expresses surprise at him figuring it out after only three attacks, Starrk surmises if Ukitake has to absorb the attack first, there has to be a limit to what can be absorbed. He tells Ukitake he does not think he will be able to absorb the attack if he fires 1,000 shots at once.[16]

After Shunsui tries to cut off his head, Starrk comments on how such actions are not like him, prompting Shunsui to state he should not make judgments, for he is the one not acting like himself. As Starrk states he thought they were alike, a Garganta begins to open, surprising the three combatants. As they watch as Wonderweiss Margela walks through the Garganta, Ukitake and Shunsui both wonder who he is while Starrk, saying his name, is just as surprised to see him there being accompanied by Hooleer.[17]

Starrk shoots Kyoraku

Starrk shoots Shunsui from behind with a Cero at point-blank range.

While Ukitake is distracted, Wonderweiss, attacking him from behind, impales through his chest with his hand. Seeing this, Shunsui, moving to attack the Arrancar, is shot at point-blank range by a Cero to the back by Starrk, with both captains falling down to the buildings below. Starrk states Wonderweiss's arrival means Aizen is sick of waiting.[18]

As the Visored intervene in the fight, Starrk faces off against Love Aikawa and Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi. When Starrk asks if they are sure about taking off their masks, Love says they are superheroes, and they only last for 3 minutes.[19]

Following the death of Baraggan, Starrk, stating Aizen not sparing a single word at Baraggan's death is horrible, turns toward Rose and Love and clarifies it is not in their nature to avenge each other.[20] Later, the battle between Love, Rose, and Starrk became more devastating, causing Rose to crash into a building below. After being knocked down into the buildings below by Love, Starrk, lying on the ground, is reluctant to get up, prompting Lilynette to ask him what he is doing, for he should be getting revenge.

Starrk states he does not care anymore, for he knows Aizen is not going to save them. Noting Love and Rose are strong, and it is pointless to continue if it will only result in someone else dying, he decides it would be best to just go home and go to sleep. Telling him he is the Primera Espada, and if Aizen did not believe in his strength, he would not have made him #1, Lilynette says if he does not want his friends to die, he has to fight. Stating she is right, Starrk resolves to continue the battle. After he and Love clash, Love asks him if he was grieving. After Starrk admits he was doing something like this, Love, donning his mask, launches a massive fireball, only for Starrk to escape the attack. When the smoke clears, Starrk stands at the front of a pack of hundreds of wolves.[21]

Wolf pack

Starrk's wolf pack.

The wolves charge at Love and Rose upon Starrk's command, prompting the Visored to don their masks. Despite the duo fending off the attacks, the wolves, proving too many for Love and Rose, close in and detonate, creating a huge explosion. Revealing the wolves are part of him, Starrk states they are the Primera Espada, Coyote Starrk and Lilynette Gingerbuck, and this is their power. As Love and Rose get up from the attack, Starrk, telling them the game is over, states if they run away, he will not chase them. When Love refuses to do this, Starrk, stating he does not like to do this, but he has no choice but to finish them off, is pierced from behind by a blade from the shadows.[22]

Shunsui Stabs Starrk

Starrk is stabbed by Shunsui.

Surprised, Starrk, looking at his own shadow, sees Shunsui rise up from it. Asking what this is, Starrk, noting Shunsui being able to hide in the shadows is ridiculous, asks if he was holding back an attack like this the entire time. Stating he was not holding back, Shunsui explains to Starrk the power of his Zanpakutō, and the different rules and games he has used in the battle. As Shunsui moves to attack him, Starrk generates a sword of spiritual energy to block his attack. Starting the game Irooni, Shunsui, naming the color gray, attacks Starrk, wounding his right arm.

283Shunsui kills

Shunsui cuts down Starrk.

Starrk notes it is a shallow wound, but it felt like he practically cut his arm off. As he catches on to the rules of the game, Shunsui tells him it is his turn, and he can state any color which he wants to cut, but he can only cut this color. Calling out white, much to Shunsui's surprise, Starrk, moving behind him, make a small slash across the captain's back, which gushes blood. Congratulating him, Shunsui, telling him the color he chose could also damage him, reveals the higher the risk to yourself, the more damage you inflict. Telling him he is amazed at how fast he learned the rules of the game, Shunsui notes he is a tough opponent. As the two clash, Starrk, thinking to himself he could say the same thing of Shunsui, wonders why he has to fight someone so strong. Recalling his past, he sees Shunsui's haori flying toward him. He swipes it away, uncovering Shunsui, who, preparing an attack, says black and slashes Starrk directly across the chest, nearly cutting him in half.[23]

As the area around Starrk's Hollow hole begins to crack, the wound brings out a torrent of blood, which bursts from his chest. As he falls out of the sky, Starrk, surrounded in his own falling blood, remembers his first meeting with Aizen. Apologizing for not being able to repay him for his help in escaping his loneliness, he recalls the other Espada and the creation of Lilynette. Realizing he was not alone, he, losing consciousness, dies as he falls to the ground, while Shunsui looks on without expression.[24]

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