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Го Кога (Flag of Japan.svg 古賀 剛 [Кога Го:])
Го Кога
Flag of Japan.svg 古賀 剛
Киридзи: Кога Го:
— один из связанных. Он был правой рукой Джина Карии.

Внешность Править

У Коги короткие красные волосы и рыжий ирокез. Он очень крупный и мускулистый человек. Он обычно носит футболку без рукавов и большие наушники на шее. В молодости у него были длинные волосы, и он завязывал их в хвост.[1]

Характер Править

Несмотря на устрашающий вид, он добрый человек. Когда он взял к себе Каина, он пытался защитить его от куклы, но не смог.[2] С тех пор он не хочет видеть, как погибает молодежь, поэтому он обернулся против Карии. После, осознавая, что он последний связанный, он попросил прощения за их жестокие действия.[3]

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История персонажа не переведена с английского.

In the 1800s, while still going under the name Claude Gaugain, Koga was living in a countryside somewhere in Europe. One day, Kariya, known at that time as Eugene Currier, paid him a visit, bringing Cain with him. He asked Koga to take care of Cain and teach him how to live as a Bount. Koga initially refused, saying that Bounts should live on their own and train themselves. However, Kariya managed to convince him. Before leaving, he gave Koga a book that detailed doll summoning instructions. Initially, Koga's relationship with Cain was rocky, but in time they developed a master-apprentice bond.

Koga suffers due to Cain's death.png

Koga and Kariya stricken due to the untimely death of Cain.

Some time later, Koga bought Cain his own coat without him asking. Cain was delighted with the gift, but some rude villagers tried to take it from him. Attacking Koga with no success, they retreated. Soon after, a mob charged Koga's home, and he released Dalk to fight them. Cain, impressed by Dalk, wanted a doll of his own. Koga gave him the book for summoning one, telling him not to try on his own. However, Cain disobeyed him, and before Koga could save him, his doll turned on him. Before turning to dust, Cain reached out to his master, telling him he didn't want to die. Koga suffered greatly at the loss of Cain and later joined Kariya's cause.[2]

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Enhanced Strength: Considering himself the absolute peak of Human physical might, Koga is a remarkably strong man. He picked up a metal girder and used it as a weapon with ease. He can deal devastating blows to his opponents with minimal effort.[4]

Keen Intellect: As a result of his centuries of life, Koga is highly intuitive. From a single glance at his opponent's eyes, he can deduce the nature of their thoughts.[2]

Master Hakuda Combatant: With centuries of experience, Koga has become a highly proficient battler. He effortlessly dispatched several Shinigami unarmed.[5]

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Файл:Dalk Sealed form.jpg
Dalk (Flag of Japan.svg ダルク [Daruku])
Flag of Japan.svg ダルク
Киридзи: Daruku
is Koga's doll. While sealed, she takes the form of a small metal marble. The marble multiplies and expands into a large metal sphere with the Bount seal. When unsealed, the metal sphere explodes into a multitude of small metal spheres floating in the air, which coalesce into a semi-humanoid shape with a flirtatious female personality.[6] Dalk has trouble with cold-based attacks, which make it difficult for her to split her body apart, as seen when fighting against Tōshirō Hitsugaya's Zanpakutō, Hyōrinmaru.[7] As a heavy, metal-based creature, she is vulnerable to Izuru Kira's Zanpakutō, Wabisuke, which doubles the weight of anything it cuts.[4] In contrast, Dalk seems to be nearly invulnerable to heat.[6]
Screenshot 2-1410693118.jpg

Dalk's sealed form


Dalk in Spider Form.

Metallic Body Control: In this form, she controls the metal which makes up her body, reforming it into any shape she wishes. She can split herself into tiny spheres no bigger than a ball bearing, making it very difficult to destroy her. She can fire pieces of her body as projectiles, and turn her arms into machine guns to fire makeshift bullets through.[6] She can absorb metal that she comes into contact with, increasing the amount of metal she has.[8]
Spider Form: After Koga drank human souls from the Bitto, Dalk became even more spider-like, retaining only her humanoid torso. She gained much more metal to work with, and became faster, heavier, and harder. In this form, along with her regular abilities, she can create strong webs, made of metal from her body, with the sticky consistency of an actual spider web. She uses this ability to ensnare the opponent and limit their movements.[8]
Bleach - 104 - Large 22.jpg

Koga fights Tōshirō Hitsugaya wielding his doll in form of an axe.

Battle Axe: Dalk's core form is a large battle axe which Koga wields. Due to his own immense size and strength, wielding a weapon this large is no problem for Koga.[7]
Screenshot 4-0.jpg

Dalk in Spider Form

Screenshot 5.jpg

Koga fights Tōshirō Hitsugaya wielding his Doll in form of an axe

Цитаты Править

  • (To Ichigo Kurosaki about his inner Hollow) «A strong heart is needed in order to control a strong power. You lack that. As such, you can't control your power. By only gaining part of this power, you will destroy yourself in the not too distant future.»[8]
  • (To Ichigo Kurosaki) «It seems I'm destined to be stopped, seeing young people die. Watching a young person die in front of my eyes… is very depressing.»[2]
  • (To Ichigo Kurosaki) «This look is dangerous. Wanting power is dangerous.»[2]

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