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Ганрюу (Flag of Japan.svg 巌竜 [Ganryū])
Flag of Japan.svg 巌竜
Киридзи: Ganryū
— лидер Тёмных.

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Ganryū wears the same form of armor the other Dark One's wear, only with gold bordering on his as opposed to red. He also wears a long black cape, with a red interior, and what looks like gold frill from his waist, connected to his red belt-like sash. He is fairly tall and also has long white hair that reaches down past his shoulders. He also has a scar from his forehead, traced diagonally down to the corner of his jaw.

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Ganryū is calm and observant, able to watch a battle unfold between his subordinates and the Gotei 13 without any sense of fear or dread. Ganryū also holds no regards for manners or formalities, seeing them as irrelevant to fulfilling his objectives. He is also very arrogant, underestimating his opponents' abilities, even taunting them in battle. Overall, Ganryū holds a great amount of bitterness and hatred towards the Soul Society for exiling his clan, determined to destroy it at all costs.[1]

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Ryodoji Clan wanders Dangai.jpg

The exiled Ryōdoji Clan wanders through the Dangai.

Ganryū was once a member of the Ryōdoji Family. However, they were exiled from the Soul Society 1000 years ago, forcing them to reside in the Dangai. Ganryū and his clan wandered throughout the Dangai, until they uncovered the Valley of Screams. Within the Valley of Screams, they discovered existence of Blanks, which were souls without memories. Ganryū and his followers eventually learned how to use the Blanks as a source of their power.[1]

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Blank Manipulation: Like all of the Dark Ones, Ganryū could manipulate the Blanks for various purposes. His most prominent use of Blanks was when he restricted Ichigo to a tree by transforming one into a dagger, which on impact became an adhesive mass. After this he easily created four more daggers out of the Blanks within seconds, which stayed daggers on impact.

Immense Speed: Ganryū was highly skilled in the art of Shunpo, effortlessly keeping up with Ichigo Kurosaki using his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu.

Enhanced Strength: Ganryū was able to impale Ichigo with his spear by a mere flick of the wrist, defeating him instantly. He was also able to thrust him into a wall several kilometers away in one strike. He also managed to completely disable Senna with a single small punch.

Master Swordsman: Ganryū was able to easily defeat Ichigo on their first encounter in one hit, even though he was using Tensa Zangetsu. In their second bout, he was still on par with the Shinigami, until he released all of his spiritual power, which was higher than his own full power.

Invisibility: While Ganryū used the Blanks to attack Ichigo, he used a Getsuga Tenshō which forced him out of hiding. He was actually standing in front of him the whole time, hidden by some form of invisibility.

Immense Spiritual Power: Having absorbed a large amount of Blanks, Ganryū had an immense amount of spiritual power, being able to equal a Shinigami's speed and power using Bankai without a Zanpakutō of his own. Because of this, he can be considered as powerful as a captain. In his final attack, he cut through a Bankai-enhanced Getsuga Tenshō; at full power he showed a burning yellow-green Reiatsu, matching Ichigo Kurosaki's own blue Reiatsu.

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« For a millennium, our clan was forced to scrape out an existence surviving only by concealing ourselves in the dank crevices of the Dangai. Our hatred for the Soul Society was the only fuel that drove us to endure that living hell! Then we discovered how to avenge this injustice and obliterate those who condemned us to this wretchedness. Now the moment is at hand. No one is going to stop me! »

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