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Аидасинигами из третьего отряда.

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Раздел не переведён с английского. [Я хочу перевести!]

Aida has brown slick hair that is combed to the right. He has black colored eyes and has a long nose that is centered in the middle of his face.

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Раздел не переведён с английского. [Я хочу перевести!]

Initially, Aida is very broody and unlike Inose, is not very vocal about his disappointment regarding the appointment of Amagai as his new captain.[1] Later, with the influence of the new officers he becomes more outspoken and critical, easily giving even his Lieutenant constructive criticism. He also becomes more optimistic due to their teamwork being improved and not afraid to give his opinion on the subject out loud.[2] Eager to prove his worth, he allows his determination to cloud his judgement and disobey direct orders from a superior officer to battle Menos as he is tired of his division being treated badly.[3]

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Раздел не переведён с английского. [Я хочу перевести!]

Spiritual Power: As a Shinigami and a member of the Gotei 13, Aida has the Reiatsu to enable him to join the Shinigami Academy and train to control it. He was able to stand close to a battle between Makoto Kibune and Izuru Kira without side effects.[4]

Hohō Practitioner: Aida is practiced enough with footwork to take guidance from a superior officer, with good teamwork with skills used to corner enemies.[2]

Swordsmanship: Having been a trained Shinigami, Aida has at least a basic level of skill with a sword, enough to attack a Menos Grande.[1][2][3]

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